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Talon Knives

A simple, minimalist concept with great cutting power in a compact, discreet package –extremely quick to access and more retainable in a struggle or emergency

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LifeProof LifeJacket Float for iPhone 5 Case

When the action gets wet and wild, nothing dampens the good times like a waterlogged iPhone 5. Even if it is protected inside the waterproof

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Benelli Legacy Shotgun

Sleek. Beautiful. Italian. Shotgun. The Benelli Legacy 12 gauge shotgun, 20 gauge shotgun, and new 28 gauge shotgun were created for those who appreciate distinctive

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PROMBRON’ Black.Russian – car for Russian Oligarchs, who feel nostalgy to Soviet Power and ‘tastles chinese coalmine owners’ (Lin Jin newspaper). Both versions of this

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ABS. The Avalanche Airbag: Powder Steel US

Powder Steel US ABS – The Avalanche Airbag. The most efficient avalanche emergency system in the world. For avalanche experts the main priority for people

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ARC Outdoor Gear Sunglasses Floater

ARC Outdoor Gear Sunglasses Floater FRS1 is made of heavy monofilament, industrial grade silicone and anodized aluminum. Floats up to 2.5 oz. *Made in the

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